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Soil Stabilization

At Allstates, soil stabilization is second nature. Since 2014, we’ve completed numerous projects using soil stabilization across different industries, including renewable energy, commercial real estate, Department of Transportation (DOT), power plants, and private sector developments.

Soil stabilization is a process that strengthens soil by enhancing its physical properties. There are essentially two ways to do it: 

Dry Additive: We use dry materials like lime, fly-ash, and Portland cement to boost the soil’s stability and durability. Our advanced spreader trucks can precisely measure and distribute these materials, allowing us to work efficiently on and off the road, wherever your project requires.

Liquid Injection: In this approach, we inject additives directly into the soil’s mixing chamber during reclamation. This technique involves products like Base 1, oil emulsion, calcium chloride, or other liquid enzymes to transform and stabilize the soil for lasting results.


Your Soil Stabilization Expert

No matter the scope, Allstates Pavement and Recycling Stabilization has the expertise and technology to meet your soil stabilization needs.